— The Panthers have opened up parking options for the first time at their newest hotel.

The Panthers opened their hotel on July 31 and now offer a suite, restaurant, spa and poolside pool, among other amenities.

It costs $1,200 per night for the suite.

It includes a private bathroom and shower and an extra bedroom.

The suites are located on the third floor.

If you book through the Panthers website or mobile app, you can reserve a room on the first floor for $2,000.

If you book a room in advance, the Panthers will pay for all air-conditioning and air-to-water heating, as well as power, security and heating systems.

The hotel’s main floor, suites, poolside pools and spa are reserved for VIP guests.

The first floor has a suite for $1.2 million and a pool with a poolside bathtub.

The second floor suite costs $2.3 million.

The Panther’s hotel, located at the intersection of Lake Charles Drive and West Palm Beach Boulevard, is in the historic downtown Pensacolas.

It has a pool house, spa, dining and fitness center, plus a guest house.

The Pensacoles Panthers opened a suite in their newest, luxury hotel on the edge of downtown Pensampas in June.

The resort, located on Lake Charles Avenue, offers three separate suites, two of which can be reserved for guests who pay $1 million for a suite.

The second suite is the VIP suite, which costs $3.9 million, and has a private bath, pool and spa.

The third suite is reserved for the Panthers, who are scheduled to play their final game of the season against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, July 31.

Pensacolas Panthers owner, president and general manager David Parry said the Panthers are the only team in the NFL to offer such a suite to the public.

“There’s no other team that offers something like this, even with the Super Bowl,” Parry told WESH-TV.

“That’s a phenomenal way to create a sense of community.”