Las Vegas is famous for its “boutique” hotels, and now the city’s tax department is getting in on the action.

It wants to collect $10 million from you if you’re booked into a hotel room that is not a hotel.

And the state has some new ways of dealing with the tax.

For the past couple of weeks, the city has been making hotel room bookings by phone, through its online booking system, and by email, with the option to pay as you go.

The city wants to make sure that any hotel room booked through those methods is one that is fully booked.

And, yes, it’s a tax.

And it’s going to be collected at the state tax office, where the hotel room bill can be filed with the Nevada Tax Office.

The state will take about $10 for every $1 it collects.

So, if you make one-night stays in Vegas during the month of October and October 31, and you book a room at the hotel of your choice, that hotel will have to pay you a $10.50 tax.

It will then owe you a 10% fee on any excess fees it collects from you.

The city is asking for the money, as well as a refund if you find yourself stuck with a bill for $10 or more.

It also wants to ensure that the taxes collected on the room are refundable, so you can simply file a refund for the tax you owe.

In order to collect, the state is going to have to prove that the hotel is booked and fully booked for the month and year.

If it’s not, it won’t have to collect.

And, if it is booked but not fully booked, the hotel will owe the $1.50.

The state is also asking that you pay for all the hotel fees that you paid, including the $25 for a room.

So, you’re going to need to do some digging, of course.

And that’s where the state comes in.

It’s going back to you.

The tax will be in writing, and it will include a link to your state tax refund form, and a copy of your state income tax return.

The link will take you to the online form.

Then, the tax collector will have 10 business days to prepare a tax return, and file it with the department.

If you want to keep the tax money, you’ll need to pay the tax before the 10-day period ends.

That means that you’ll have to do it before you can get a refund.

If you pay the $5 tax on a hotel check, and the tax is returned, the money is yours.

If the check isn’t returned, then the state will still collect the tax and keep the money.

It is not possible to claim a refund once you’ve paid the tax, but you can file for a refund after you’ve filed.