The gaylord Hotel is a popular destination in Sanibel Island.

Guests can expect to hear loud boos and chants from people who say they want to be left alone with gay guests.

Guests should stay in rooms where they feel comfortable and avoid the main area where the gaylord is located.

If you have to share a room with a gay person, do not be afraid to share.

But keep in mind, you may get a different response than the person who is staying with you.

“If you’re gay, you’ll probably have a lot of negative reactions.

There’s no way to know what to do.

But if you don’t feel safe, then you can ask for someone else to be your friend,” said one resident.

Some gay guests say they would rather not be left with someone they don’t know.

“I would rather be alone than to be with someone I don’t really know, because I would have no idea if they were gay or not,” one gay person said.

The gaylords management has apologized for the situation.

“We are deeply sorry to the community and to our guests for the hurt and upset this incident caused, especially to those who have already been through so much to get here.

This is an unfortunate situation and we want to do everything in our power to make this right,” the hotel said in a statement.