The cheapest hotel room for the month of May in Fredericksburg is $5,839.40, according to an Airbnb listing from a hotel in the Fredericksburger area.

The Fredericksville Times reports that the listing was created in July and listed the cheapest hotel rooms available in the city.

The listing, which was taken down today, said the room was a suite at a hotel near the University of North Texas.

The hotel was not listed on Airbnb’s website, but the company did let you know it was available for booking via its mobile app.

There are about 3,500 rooms available at the Fredericsburg Hilton.

The average cost for a room at the hotel is $869 per night, according the listing.

Here’s how to find out if a room is affordable.

The first thing you need to know is how long a stay in a hotel room is.

A hotel room lasts two nights, with one of those nights being a stay at a room.

The second night is reserved for use, according an Airbnb post.

This means that the next day you can use that room, but you’ll have to return the room that night.

If you’ve been staying in a room for a week, that means you could spend the night in the room and be ready to go again.

You also need to check the room for any pests.

If a room doesn’t have any bugs, the hotel should have them.

But if you don’t have bugs, you can’t use the room.

If the hotel room has no bugs, that’s okay, because the hotel isn’t liable for any damages or injuries, according Airbnb.

Here are the hotel rooms that are cheapest, according with their current listings.

Hotel room price ($) $539.10 Bedroom price ($)$819.30 Room 1A, $1,400.00 Room 2A,$1,550.00 Bedroom 1B, $3,400