By Steve GibsonThe cost of living in the US has dropped dramatically over the past two years, but some places have seen their prices rise by at least 10%.

For those looking to spend a bit more, a recent survey has found that the best deals for the UK have been found in London.

According to a survey from hotel and travel website TripAdvisor, London’s best deals have all been found at popular international destinations, such as The White House, The Vatican, and The Great Wall of China.

The survey also found that many of the cheapest hotels in London were found at the iconic London Hilton, with the cheapest prices found at The Royal Balmoral and the Queen Elizabeth Hotel.

In contrast, the most expensive hotels in the UK were found in the pricier, luxury properties at The Grand Hyatt, The Crown and The Ritz Carlton.

Here’s what the top ten hotel deals for London look like:Aspen Hotel in The Great Hall, London, UKPhoto via Aspen Hotel via TripAdversti