Cats aren’t always welcome at the island hotels, so the owners of a luxury catalinias in Costa Rica’s Catalina Island have decided to make sure guests are prepared.

According to the Costa Rican News Agency, the Catalinas Hotel Association and the Costa Rica Tourism Department have started a program to help guests get into their hotels during hurricane season.

The program will be implemented starting today.

It will include a 24-hour evacuation line, evacuation warning signs, and a special evacuation checklist for visitors to help them get into and out of the hotels.

A staff member will monitor guests during the hurricane season, the Costa Ricans News Agency reports.

The Costa Ricas Tourism Department plans to provide free, one-way travel for residents and visitors to Catalino Island in the event of a hurricane, according to the news agency.

The resort chain will also provide free housing for residents in Catalinios hotels, which are designed to make room for guests during a hurricane.

Costa Rica is currently experiencing its fourth hurricane season in a row, with two severe hurricanes hitting the country this year.

The Catalinos hotels are not the only resort hotels in the country to take measures to protect guests from a hurricane and other natural disasters.

In March, Hilton Hotels announced that it was offering free hotel stays to evacuees from the resort island of Cucuta after the Costa Cucuyas, located in the Costa Brava Province, was struck by a Category 4 hurricane on September 25.

The Cucutas resort island has been in danger of being flooded during this hurricane season and was closed to visitors in March.

On August 25, the island’s mayor declared the island a state of emergency, and the resort chain said it would offer free accommodation for evacuee residents to help cope with the threat.