ROME, Italy (AP) When you’re on the hunt for a bed, the answer may be more than just a hotel bed.

You might find a hotel room at your hotel.

Hotel Transylvani, which is based in Romania and is owned by a hotel chain, has more than 1,000 rooms.

It’s part of a global trend to offer cheap and modern rooms at hotels that have more than 100 rooms.

Hotels are finding that while hotels may not have the amenities and service of a traditional hotel, they can offer a unique and personal experience that’s worth the money and time spent at the hotel, said Romulo Cossiga, hotel owner.

Hoteling is one of the main reasons travelers come to Europe.

It allows travelers to have a place to stay, but the cost can be steep.

In some cases, a room is even more expensive than a standard room at a traditional hostel.

HotELS in Romania have become a source of income for the hotel industry in recent years, with many hotels and resorts seeing a significant increase in revenue as hotel guests flock to Europe and the U.S. for vacation.

Romania is a country that, until recently, has not had many big hotel chains that can provide the quality of amenities that a hotel can provide, said Paul Zivadin, a professor at the University of Milan who studies hotel economics.

The number of hotels in Romania has grown in recent decades as the economy has grown and tourism has grown, Zivaddin said.

That’s made hotel ownership more attractive, he said.

The popularity of hotel in Romania is also due in part to the fact that it’s a popular destination for tourists and the tourism industry is thriving.

Hotels in Romania also serve as a place for tourists to stay and stay longer.

Hoteled accommodation has been popular in the U, too.

In the U., about 20 percent of all guests spend at least some time in a hotel, according to a 2016 study by the International Association of Hoteliers.

The demand for a hotel has also increased as the number of international travelers who come to Romania has skyrocketed.

Hotelling in Romania was up almost 40 percent in 2016 compared to 2015, the study found.

In the first nine months of 2017, the number one trend was the increase in hotel rooms.

In Romania, hotels saw the biggest increase, up 35 percent, according the study.

Hotilates are an alternative to traditional hotels, which are usually reserved for international guests.

The quality of a hotel depends on the quality and services that are provided.

If a hotel doesn’t have the same quality and service that a traditional tourist hotel does, it’s going to lose money, Zviadin said.

Hoteline is an alternative way to find lodging in RomaniaThe popularity is partly driven by the fact Romania’s economy is booming, with the number on the international tourist list more than doubled in 2017 to 3.8 million people, according a survey conducted by the National Bank of Romania.

That has helped boost tourism and the number in the international tourism industry, the bank said.

In recent years the hotel business has experienced a huge boom.

Hotel Transalvania, based in Bucharest, opened in 2018, and it’s become a popular choice for vacationers looking for a cheap hotel option in Romania.

It offers a private room, but its prices can be much cheaper than a hotel.

A room can be booked for between RON 40,000 to RON 50,000 per night, depending on the hotel.

The hotel has a small breakfast buffet that offers breakfast for 20 to 25 guests.

Guests can then go to the rooms room, wash their hands, eat their meals and have tea.

HotEL Transalvania also offers a “hotel room with a view” option that offers a large outdoor terrace.

It also offers outdoor pools, saunas, massage, swimming pools and an outdoor dining room.

Hotelin hotels is located in the capital Bucharest and is the only hotel in the country that offers the “translator room” option.

That means that the hotel will provide translations from foreign languages and can help travelers get in touch with their local Romanian hosts.

The hotel has about 100 rooms, all of which are reserved for hotel guests.