The Westin has announced it will open its new Maine Hotel in Portland’s Port of Portland, Oregon on August 20, 2020.

The hotel will be the fourth in the region, following the Hilton Portland, Hilton Portland & Hilton Portland State, and the hotel’s sister hotel, the Westins Hotel Portland, will open in 2020. 

The Westin is the second hotel to be opened in Portland this year, following Hilton Portland’s opening in April.

It will also be the first hotel to open in Portland. 

“We are thrilled to welcome the West Ins at our new Westin Portland, and we look forward to welcoming guests to our new Mainen Hotel in 2020,” Westins President and CEO David W. Burchfield said in a statement.

The new hotel is one of several that the hotel has opened in the past several years.

The hotel also has the newly-opened Portland Westin, a restaurant and lounge in the city’s downtown. 

In June, the hotel announced that it had opened a new luxury hotel in Portland, which will house its second hotel.

That hotel opened in December.

The Portland Westins is the hotel that is the flagship of Portland’s new Marriott Marquis and will house the hotel at the Marriott Marquises new Portland Downtown hotel. 

There is currently a total of three Westins hotels in the Portland area.

The other two are located in Beaverton and Portland, while the remaining three are located on the East Coast. 

Here is the complete list of Westins in Portland: Westin Portland (1901, 1926, 1932) (Portland, Oregon) Westins Portland (1970) (Salem, Oregon, USA) Winnsboro Westins (1982) (Winston-Salem) Bayshore Westins (1981) (Bayside, Oregon (Salem)) Parkside Westins* (1986, 1993) (Parks, Oregon ) West Ins Portland (1999) (Beaverton, Oregon*)Westins Seattle (2004) (Seattle)*Westins Phoenix (2009) (Phoenix)The new Westins hotel will replace the Westport and Westin hotels that opened in 2020, which opened earlier in the year. 

WestIns Portland is scheduled to open by early 2021.