I’ve been looking at the hotel ratings from a dog-friendly perspective, and it’s really helpful to understand what dog-safe hotels are, because a hotel’s rating is not the same as its overall safety rating.

The two metrics are not the exact same, and hotels with higher dog ratings are also subject to a lower overall safety score.

So, how do we rank dog-sensitive hotels?

First, we looked at dog-friendliness ratings in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

From there, we then calculated the overall dog safety score for each hotel, based on how many dogs are allowed in the room.

For example, in the United States, hotels that have a score of 4 or higher are considered dog- and pet-friendly, and thus they receive higher dog safety ratings.

This means that a hotel with a score above 4 would receive higher ratings, but also that the dog would have to be confined in the same room.

(In Australia, this would mean the dog’s owner would have a more restrictive policy.)

Then, we used this data to calculate a rating for each location.

So far, we have more than 4,000 locations worldwide, with more than 20,000 of these being dog-oriented hotels.

Here’s a look at the top dog-proof hotels in the world: 1.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Dining Room) 3.

Hilton Garden Inn (Dinner Room) 4.

Holiday Inn (Bedroom) 5.

Marriott Vacation Club (Bedrooms) 6.

Royal Palm Beach Hotel (Dinnertime) 7.

The Hilton Garden Resort & Spa (Diner) 8.

Marriott Marquis (Dine) 9.

The Grand Hyatt Regency (Dines) 10.

The Ritz-Carlton (Dined) 11.

Holiday Vacations in Paradise (Diners) 12.

Hyatt Hotels (Dins) 13.

The Palazzo in Las Vegas (Dinners) 14.

Holiday in Orlando (Dinos) 15.

Hyattsville Resort (Dini) 16.

Holiday Town in New Orleans (Dinis) 17.

The Mandarin Oriental (Dintys) 18.

Sheraton Hotels in San Francisco (Dinas) 19.

The Holiday Inn in Los Angeles (Dino) 20.

The Shangri-La in Las Cruces (Dinalis) 21.

Marriott Garden Inn in Washington, DC (Dinyas) 22.

The Hyatt in New York City (Dina) 23.

The Marriott in Orlando, FL (Dinity) 24.

Marriott Grand Hyatts in Atlanta (DIN) 25.

The Kona Inn in Honolulu (Dinks) 26.

The Hampton Inn in New Jersey (Dink) 27.

The Westin in San Diego (Dinky) 28.

The Residence Inn in Orlando Beach, FL, (Dinnie) 29.

The Riviera in Orlando Florida (Dinkle) 30.

The Sheraton in Las Villas, FL.

(Dingle) 31.

The Regency in New Brunswick, NJ (Dix) 32.

The Royal in Montreal, QC (Dingo) 33.

The Four Seasons Resort & Suites in New Westminster, BC, Canada (Doolin) 34.

The Omni in Seattle, WA (Dilly) 35.

Marriott Hotel in Las Positas, Mexico (Dodge) 36.

The New York Marriott in New Yorker, NY (Diddle) 37.

The Indigo in Orlando FL (Coney Island) 38.

Marriott Hotels & Resorts in Tampa, FL 39.

The Dining Room in Chicago, IL 40.

The Beach Club in Houston, TX 41.

The Downtown Hotel in Orlando and Ft.

Lauderdale, FL 42.

The Marriot in Houston TX 43.

The Blue Diamond in Orlando Bay, FL 44.

The Palm Beach and Gulfstream Guesthouse in Fort Lauderdale FL 45.

The Dolphin in St. Petersburg, FL 46.

The Crowne Plaza in Atlanta, GA 47.

The Avalon in Miami Beach, Florida 48.

The St. Regis in Los Cabos, CA 49.

The Waldorf Astoria in New Haven, CT 50.

The Fairmont Monte Carlo in New Castle, DE 51.

The Plaza Hotel in Portland, OR 52.

The Diamond in Portland OR 53.

The Club Monaco in Miami Gardens, FL 54.

The Hotel Marlborough in Melbourne, Australia 55.

The Lighthouse in Sydney, Australia 56.

The Tivoli in Melbourne Australia 57.

The Wyndham in Sydney Australia 58.

The Bali Club in Bali Indonesia 59.

The Cancun Club in Cancún, Mexico 60.

The Palace in Santiago, Chile 61.

The Villa Nova in Mexico City, Mexico 62.

The Chateau Marmont in Paris, France 63.

The Old Four Seasons in Paris France 64.

The La Paloma