The Nashville Marriott Hotel and the Hilton Hotel and Casino are closing their Nashville locations.

The Las Vegas Hilton, the largest hotel chain in the world, said it would close the three hotels on March 10.

The Henderson Hotel will close March 17.

The St. Andrews Hotel will remain open, but the St. James Hotel will be closed.

The Hilton said its Henderson and St. Matthews hotels will remain closed.

A Nashville-based company that owns the Henderson Hotel is closing the hotel and the St James Hotel, too.

The company is known as The Henderson Group.

A spokeswoman for The Henderson said that it is closing both hotels in the U.S. and Canada.

The Tennessee Valley Authority is closing a motel in Nashville, and the Nashville International Airport Authority is canceling flights at its Memphis terminal.

There will be no flights to or from Memphis on March 9 and 10, according to the authority’s website.