Long Island, New York — For years, New Yorkers have been flocking to Long Island’s most popular destination for its long-stay hotels.

And while there are plenty of places in the city to get a room and stay, we’ve found the most popular spots to book are in the most upscale neighborhoods.

The hotel and nightlife scene is also the same as it’s always been.

There are the upscale hotels, but you can also find upscale hotels in the neighborhood and in the suburbs, too.

The most popular places to stay in the neighborhoods are the Hilton Midtown and The Four Seasons, but other popular hotels include The Four Winds, Four Seasons Hotels, Four Points, Marriott New York, the Four Seasons New York City, the Waldorf Astoria, and the Mandarin Oriental.

To find the perfect hotel in the surrounding neighborhoods, we took a look at the most frequently visited hotels in Long Beach and the surrounding areas, as well as the best and worst hotels in these areas.

Find a Hotel Near You » Long Beach, California: We recommend the Hilton Hotels at 456 E. Central Ave.

in Longboat Key, and it’s easy to find in the South Shore neighborhood.

There’s a huge selection of hotels in this area, from a mid-century modern boutique hotel called the Four Points to a four-story boutique hotel with views of the ocean.

The Hilton Midatlantic Hotel, a two-story, luxury hotel with the ocean view, has been open since 1998, and a hotel nearby, The Four Points MidAtlantic, is another popular destination.

The Four Oaks, a luxury hotel in an industrial area, is also popular.

The Six Seasons, a midrise hotel, has two floors and features a large pool.

The Three Oaks, with views over Central Park, is a popular hotel for beach lovers.

The Hotel Manhattan, a three-story luxury hotel that opened in 2015, has many upscale amenities, including a spa, a private meeting room, and an outdoor terrace.

There is also a hotel near the beach that is a bit less luxurious, the Three Points Hotel.

For a more in-depth look at Long Beach’s hotels, see our list of the Best Long Beach Hotels in Long Branch.

Long Beach is also home to several other luxury hotels, including the Four Oaks and Four Points.

The four-bedroom Four Points Hotel has a large terrace, while the Four Hills Midpoint Hotel has an ocean view.

The Waldorf New York is a boutique hotel in a quiet neighborhood near Central Park.

The Mandarin Oriental has four floors of space, and has a rooftop deck overlooking Central Park and the Manhattan Bridge.

The Seven Springs Hotel is a luxury, luxury apartment in the heart of the city’s West Village.

The Shangri-La West Hollywood is a midtown hotel that is open since 2011.

The Grand Hyatt Long Beach Downtown is an upscale hotel that has a private rooftop deck, which is a great place to watch the sunset.

The Marriotts, a four story luxury hotel, is located in the Central Park neighborhood of New York.

The Ritz Carlton has a great rooftop pool overlooking Central Avenue and the Empire State Building.

The Renaissance is a three floor luxury hotel located in a residential neighborhood of the Central District.

The Plaza Towers is a one-bedroom, mid-rise luxury hotel featuring a private terrace overlooking Central Square and the Hudson River.

The Regency, a five-story hotel in downtown Manhattan, opened in 1998 and is open for dining and night life.

The Hyatt Regency Manhattan has three floors of luxury accommodations.

The Palace of Fine Arts Manhattan, one of the most exclusive properties in Manhattan, has three towers and more than a million square feet of space.

The Westin Manhattan, another exclusive Manhattan property, has an open floor plan and a private balcony overlooking Central.

The Peninsula at the Westin, a hotel in New York’s Upper East Side, is one of New Yorkers’ top choices for luxury accommodations in New Orleans.

The Sheraton at the Grand Hygienist, the country’s largest luxury hotel at the time, opened its doors in 2007 and is a favorite of New Orleans celebrities, including Marlon Brando.

It’s a four bedroom, three-and-a-half-story penthouse, with its own private balcony.

The Pompano Beach, a seven-story building that opened its hotel in 2008, is an open-air, open-plan, boutique hotel, featuring an open roof terrace and a large private balcony with views.

The Marriott Renaissance Hotel in Miami is a hotel with rooftop pool and spa, and is also open for nightlife.

The Red Lobster is a two story luxury property in the upscale shopping district of Miami Beach, Florida.

It opened in 2009, and in 2017 opened a boutique on the second floor.

The Tropicana Miami Beach has a three