Here’s what you need to know about the Hollywood Hotel.1.

It’s a hotel.

Its a luxury hotel with a private room in the main lobby, and it’s open daily.

You can book in advance online or call 800-542-0267 to book.

It has rooms starting at $1,995 a night.2.

There’s a beach.

The Hollywood Hills offers a private beach in the back of the hotel, with waterfalls and a picnic table.

It also has a beach house.3.

There are a lot of swimming pools.

The hotel has four.

Four pools total.4.

It gets dirty.

The building is covered with graffiti.5.

There is a large number of bathrooms.

Rooms are in the lobby, in a hallway, and on the floor.6.

There was a shooting at the hotel on January 13, 2018.

Seven people were killed.7.

It opened in 2009.

The resort was built on land owned by the City of Hollywood.8.

The property was listed for sale on November 4, 2017.