Zaza Hotel, the former Ramada resort, has shut down for good and is selling its properties, its owner has said.

Zaza Hotel & Casino Corp., a property developer, had operated the Ramada as a hotel since 2013.

The company, which owns the Ramadas hotel, casino and golf course, announced Monday that it was shutting down.

Ramada spokeswoman Mary Beth McQuaid said in a statement that the company is “disappointed and saddened” by the news and said that “we are not going to sit idly by and watch this happen.”

McQuaid did not provide further details about what will happen to the properties.

She said that it is unclear when the company will sell or lease the properties, but that it “has been in talks with potential buyers.”

McDonald’s Corp. and Holiday Inn Holdings Corp. have both been contacted for comment.

McQuad said that the hotel will remain open as a “hotel destination,” but that guests can expect “special accommodations and amenities” at the new hotel.

The Ramadas, which closed in 2014, are now the only casino in Nevada, and they have been a favorite resort of celebrities and celebrities-friendly casino executives.