How to find the cheapest hotel deals

Travelocity, the largest hotel and travel services company in the US, is offering to waive booking fees for the next five years.The firm is looking for ways to streamline the process of booking hotels to allow consumers to book hotels cheaper.To make this happen, it will be offering the booking fees waived for travel to […]

What’s in a name? The history of pet hotel names

The American Pet Travel Association (APTA) released its latest rankings for pet hotels and vacation homes today, and it has many new and surprising names to get you excited about.In honor of National Pet Day on May 10, the APTA has released its list of the 10 best pet hotel and vacation home names.Here’s what […]

How to find your next vacation spot in Rhode Island

The Rhode Island economy is doing better than expected, but it’s still not quite back to pre-recession levels.The state is still dealing with a lack of lodging, though it’s starting to pick up as people start to return to the state.Here’s what you need to know about the economy.1.Rhode Island is still recovering from the […]

How the Shreveport hotels got their name from a city name

Shreve, La.(AP) The hotel name Shreve is a city nickname, but the name was based on the name of the city.Shreve City Center was established in 1891.In 1892, the city council created the city’s first public library.The Shreve Hotel opened in 1893.In 1903, Shreve County became a city and its first newspaper was published.In 1918, […]

How to fight for a ‘better’ budget at your next vacation

More Americans are opting for cheaper options at their next vacation, according to a new report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.According to the report, Americans have been paying an average of $1,100 per person per night in hotel rooms and other costs at the resorts and hotels they’re staying at this summer.But that […]

How to stay safe while travelling to and from Dubai

Dubai is often described as the “Golden City of the Middle East” but in reality it’s a city with a serious reputation for crime.It’s a hotbed of drug smuggling, money laundering and sexual violence, with the number of rapes recorded in the emirate soaring in the last few years.But with so many people moving to […]

How much is a hotel room in the Bay Area worth?

The price of a room at a hotel in the San Francisco Bay Area is up to $2,200, and it is expected to rise further as the city prepares to get ready for the holiday season.A typical hotel room at the Sheraton Bay Area in San Francisco cost $2.4 million in 2016, according to a […]

How hotel suites are actually getting cheaper and better for travelers in the wake of the hotel price hike

The first thing you’ll notice about hotels in Chicago is the price tag.The city has seen an average of almost $20,000 increase in hotel rooms per person since January.That’s up from just $10,000 before the hike, according to the Chicago hotel industry association.The hike has also led to an uptick in hotel occupancy.A hotel is […]

Hotels, motels and restaurants are closing in Nashville due to the wildfires

The Nashville Marriott Hotel and the Hilton Hotel and Casino are closing their Nashville locations.The Las Vegas Hilton, the largest hotel chain in the world, said it would close the three hotels on March 10.The Henderson Hotel will close March 17.The St. Andrews Hotel will remain open, but the St. James Hotel will be closed.The […]

What you need to know about the job market for hotel jobs in Yosemite National Park

The National Park Service is seeking applicants for a $1.3 million contract to work as a “hotel manager” in Yosemite.The NPS announced the job offers on Friday, and applicants must submit resumes, cover letters, and cover letters for the next two weeks.The agency says it will select applicants based on a review of their qualifications […]

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