Montauk hotel chain says it is moving to Vancouver

Montauks hotel chain has confirmed it is shifting its focus to Vancouver in the next few months, but the announcement comes amid a broader shake-up at the Portland hotel chain, which has seen its stock slide in recent weeks.The company’s stock has dropped more than 11% since last week’s announcement, while the company’s net income […]

Why Disney World Hotel in Florida Could Be the Next Miami Beach Resort

In a world that’s getting smaller and smaller, Disney World Resort in Florida is getting smaller. That’s according to the owner of the hotel, who recently told The Miami Herald that he has filed for bankruptcy and is looking to sell his property to make room for more development. The Miami Herald reports that a bankruptcy filing […]

What a horrible day for a hot tub

A hotel in a tiny town in Romania has been evacuated after a man died of hypothermia while showering in a hot pool.A man was found unconscious in a hotel bathroom and pronounced dead at the scene, according to local media.The man, identified as Alexander, was found dead on Friday after spending the night at […]

Traveling in the Asheville Mountains: What you need to know

Traveling the Asheville Mountain area can be difficult if you have a limited budget, but if you do have an abundance of money, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the region.Here are the top three things to know when traveling in the region and getting out and about in the mountains.

The New York Times says Donald Trump will be the first president to be pardoned by President Joe Biden

NEW YORK — The New Yorker, the New York-based magazine, has published a story saying President Donald Trump is poised to be the next president to receive a presidential pardon.The article, written by Jonathan Chait, cites a letter from Biden to Trump, signed by Biden, Attorney General Eric Holder and Deputy Attorney General Stephen O’Brien.It […]

What Disney has in common with Disney’s original hotels?

When Disney first started building its theme parks, they didn’t have a huge idea of what their guests wanted.The idea was to put the characters in the right place at the right time, but Disney did a lot of research before setting out to build the first theme parks. The park opened in Anaheim in 1889, […]

What you need to know about pet friendly hotels and pet friendly restaurants

Hacker News contributor “Lenny” writes about the rise in the popularity of pet friendly hotel rooms, and the problems with pet friendly restaurant chains.We recently reviewed the popular “Pets in Restaurants” video game, and found it an excellent way to show how pet friendly places can be.However, many of the places in this list are […]

How to find scotsona hotels

Travellers can spend up to three nights in hotels in Scottsdale, the birthplace of the US president.The National Association of Realtors has compiled a guide on how to find the best hotels in the city.The Realtor’s Guide includes tips on finding a hotel, getting a room, how to book a room and whether or not […]

How to get your pet hotel and pet vacation on the cheap

New York (AP) Pet owners who want to book their pet’s stay at a hotel or a pet vacation rental site can do so on Airbnb, but it’s not clear how long they’ll have to wait to book.Airbnb has announced a new program called Pet Vacation Guarantee that gives people who buy a pet a […]

What do you need to know about the Wildwood Nj hotel and lake placid hotel?

Wildwood Park is the home of the Wildwoods Casino and Lake Placid Resort, two of the most popular attractions in the state.It’s home to the largest freshwater lake in the country, Lake Placid, and a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean.However, the Wild Woods Casino and Lakeside Resort in the Bronx is more than just […]

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